• All the gym-goers, both men and women want their whole body to seem and look fit, smart and attractive. Among body parts, the part that gym-goers want to look dashing and attractive the most is the abdominal muscles. The fact of the matter is that achieving great abs is one of the hardest things to achieve in workouts.

    Effective Abs Workout

    Achieving 6-packs or a toned and ripped abdomen depends upon the effectiveness of the workout. Working the abs muscles tirelessly or exerting high amount of effort does not always result in a great abdomen. Rather, there are different ways in which even the simplest exercises can make the Abs workout effective. Some of the major tips from popular fitness blog for achieving an effective abs workout are given below:

    1. Engaging Pelvic Floor

    Engaging the pelvic floor region before or during the abs exercise helps in engaging the whole abdominal area, as a result of which the core strength develops, on the bases of which you can exert greater effort on your abs and achieve your dream abs. Kegel exercises are best to engage your pelvic floor.

    2. Engaging The Mind In Exercise

    Most of the people think of other things during their workout, they might be thinking of what to do, or watching TV or have their attention diverted to some other matter. The key to achieving effective abs workout or workout of any other body part is to engage the mind in the exercise and focus on the burn. The better is the mind-body connection, greater the effectiveness of the workout.

    3. Breathe

    When you work out on your abs, the core muscles require oxygen in order to function at their full capacity. Therefore, during workout do not hold your breath, rather breathe as much as possible. You can inhale when on the way down from the crunch, and exhale when going up in a crunch.

    4. Small Steps

    The key to effective abs workout is not to do all the hard and advanced exercises; rather, effectiveness comes by taking small steps. You must start by taking small steps and doing the easier exercises first. Easy exercises help build your core strength. Once you have substantial strength, then you can go on with the hard ones.

    5. Use Dumbbells

    Dumbbells aren't just for making biceps, rather, when you have built substantial abs core strength, you can add dumbbells to make the exercises more hard and challenging for you. There will be a time when regular abs exercise won't cut it for you, and then you will need to add dumbbells to help you strive harder.

    6. A Proper Warm Up

    A proper warm up is the foundation to a great workout. Before starting an abs workout, warm up your whole body and especially the back a little bit, because the abs muscles are connected to lower back. Moreover, a proper warm up can also help you in preventing any injury you may encounter, in addition to making the muscles ready for heavy workout.

    7. Keep The Chin High

    The gravest mistake committed by people when doing abs workout is that they let their head fall down, which puts the strain on the neck and takes the intensity away from abs. therefore, to avoid such situation imagine a grapefruit placed between your chin and chest, this will keep the chin high and prevent the neck from taking any strain.

    8. Change Your Diet

    All abs workouts, regardless of how hard they are, are of no use if you do not bring any change in your diet. The objective of abs workout is to build abs muscles and burn the fat around them. The abs muscles will never show up if you keep on accumulating the fats around them with your high fat diet. Instead, turn towards, low-fat, and lean protein diet.

    9. Constant Tension

    If you don't have enough time, then the best way to make the abs workout effective is to keep the abs muscles in tension constantly. You can do this by flexing your abs, and keep them in the same position during the core workout, whether it is planks, balance work or crunches. The more you flex them, the better results you get during the workout.

    10. Adequate Rest

    Abs are like any other muscles of the body, therefore, they require proper rest. You must not work the abs for two consistent days, rather give them a day's rest and do them every other day. This gives the muscles time to get strong and repair themselves.

    In short, the aforementioned tips can help you get the most results out of your abs workout. You just need to understand that abs must be treated like muscles of any other body part, hence due emphasis and attention must be provided to them to get the best results.

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